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Who is Vogel Safety?

Vogel Safety, Inc is a leader in the Transportation Safety World. We are not the biggest dog in the park, and don't have the higher prices, but that may be a reason we can still offer true customized services that meet your true needs by providing guidance in fleet safety and DOT Compliance help.

Regardless the size or type of your operation, you are important to us, and we promise you the direct and full services you deserve as a One-Time Customer or Retainer Client.

Safety Consultant History

Steve Vogel is the founder and current President of Vogel Safety, which began in 2003, AKA Vogel Safety Services. He used the many different life experiences, degrees, and certifications to start a consulting firm that actually cares about customers and their needs rather than their money.  Steve began instilling these principals into the character of the company and the expert staff that now exists within its structure.

Although Dr. Vogel removed himself from the daily activities for three years to manage the transport consulting practice of J. J. Keller & Associates, he has returned to Vogel Safety, Inc to continue assisting those in need with the same level of integrity, confidence, and professionalism our customers have come to know and respect.

The mission of Vogel Safety is to use our personal experiences and successes to enhance the accepted safety practices used throughout various industries, including the transportation workforce, thereby creating world-class safety standards, building client profits, changing cultures, and most importantly, saving lives.

"Integrity... Confidence... Professionalism.  It's who we are...It's what we do."

Vogel Safety has trained up several individuals who have gone on to start their own training programs or consulting services. We are proud to be the standard by which others measure themselves.

“Using industry proven methods, we can develop a World-Class Safety System that will enable your company to surpass mere DOT compliance and begin to add to your bottom line profits through enhanced fleet safety, risk management, and loss control. It works! Let the safety experts work for you.”

We are your True Partner in Fleet Safety & DOT Compliance, bringing you the DOT Compliance Help and DOT Readiness you need to meet your goals of success.