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DOT Training, Safety Training, Defensive Driving Training, and Hazardous Materials Training is our specialty.

Vogel has been providing safety training, DOT training, defensive driving training, and hazardous materials training for over 28 years to all levels of functions within various industries.

Much of the training we provide is mandated by the DOT/FMCSA, while other training such as Defensive Driving is an industry best practice. Regardless what your situation is, we are training experts with regard to fleet safety & DOT compliance.

We will always strive to customize your training to the specifics of your operation.

Contact us for more detailed information: cell: 720-788-2016.



Defensive Driving Course

Most safety professionals agree that a key factor in reducing vehicle accidents is to provide exceptional training in defensive driving, among other factors.

It is no secret that our highways, roadways, alleys, parking lots, and even highway rest areas are becoming consistently less safe to drive.

With the driving population ever-increasing, more technology in the hands or eyes of people while they're driving, and the appearance of most people either not knowing the basic rules of the road or just simply not caring, it is imperative that companies which operate a fleet of vehicles to ensure that their safety program includes excellent defensive driver training.

Vogel Safety has developed such a driver training program, and has continued to enhance and update this training throughout the years. This training can be customized to better fit your operation, the type of vehicles and drivers you use, the type of cargo you haul, the regional factors involved in daily operations, etc.

This exceptional training, called The S.A.F.E. Approach to Defensive Driving has been provided by Vogel since 1999, with hundreds of drivers admittedly becoming safer drivers. In addition to saving lives, our program has been known to be a factor in reducing insurance premiums for companies in years when the industry rates were on the rise.

Contact us to discuss course development for your drivers, and begin to see a potential profit increase. or Call: 770.776.8600