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Key DOT Services for DOT Compliance Help & Fleet Safety Services        720-788-2016

  • Mock DOT Safety Audit (New Entrants)
  • Mock DOT Compliance Review
  • Customize your Safety Management Plan (SMP) following a failed audit...very important
  • Representation during a formal DOT Audit or Compliance Review
  • Onsite Customized DOT Training; If you or your staff cannot come to a public workshop,
    Safety Consulting
    Dr. Steve Vogel - Founder
    we can come to you
  • On-Site Visit to Audit specific Files for compliance with DOT Requirements
  • On-Site Assistance to bring files systems back into compliance
  • Audit specific Vehicle and Trailer Maintenance and inspection records
  • Develop Customized Policies and Procedures for DOT compliance

We fully understand the importance of your profitability and continued growth. For this reason, we focus our efforts on those items that have the biggest impact which can be accomplished in a short period of time. This being said, we fully believe that the greatest impact on achieving both DOT compliance and higher profits is to create, develop, and maintain a true safety culture within your operation. 

Since we are not former DOT officers or Ex-Cops, we have more knowledgeable, experience, and previous successes as safety professionals with degrees, certifications, and a long history of helping to saves lives and companies, not just through meeting compliance; rather, through the enhancement of transportation safety programs, policies, procedures, etc. We are experts in SAFETY & Compliance.

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Training Services

  • Provide DOT Regulations Overview
  • Training on Hours of Service Rules and Log Book Requirements
  • Conduct Log Book Audits
  • DOT-Required Supervisor's Drug and Alcohol Training; Mandatory for Driver Supervisors & Dispatchers
  • Customize File System for DOT compliance
  • Defensive Driving Course - Onsite Driver Training
  • Flagger Training
  • Driver Audit - Follow Driver, observe for Safety/Unsafe driving techniques and also observe Safe/Unsafe behavior at delivery sites
  • Hazardous Material Training for Drivers, Handlers, and Admin Staff
  • Develop Customized DOT-Required Haz-Mat Written Security Plan

Benefits of Services

Many of our clients have seen the following benefits of having Vogel Safety as their preferred vendor:

  • Save Time, Save Money, & Save Lives!
  • Satisfactory” Safety Rating
  • Lowered DOT Safety Scores(CSA/SMS)
  • Lowered DOT Inspection Scores (ISS)
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums
  • Reduced “Out-of-Service” Fines
  • Reduced Equipment Downtime
  • Reduced Frequency of Accidents
  • Reduced Employee Injuries
  • Reduced Exposure to Lawsuits
  • Improved Loss Ratio
  • Added Profits to the Bottom Line

Some of the Brands Impacted by Vogel have actually seen a 10-to-1 Return on Investment (ROI) with regards to Fleet Safety. That's right...for every dollar spent on safety they received ten more back. This was accomplished with a total safety culture within their operation, through the efforts of Vogel and the company ledership. Let us work to accomplish these types of results for your operation.