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Nationally Acclaimed Safety Consultant, Providing Absolute DOT Compliance Help

Prior to going back to college to learn about safety, Vogel spent several years in retail management. He sincerely believes that this experience is a key factor in why Vogel Safety, Inc, as a consulting firm, has done so well by our thousands of greatly satisfied clients.

We seem to understand the needs of our clients better than many consultants who may not have experience in serving others. We consider ourselves servants, here only to help you meet your needs, desires, objectives, and goals relative to safety, compliance, and profits.

Although we specialize in transportation safety and DOT compliance, in reality, our services are welcomed and appreciated by companies representing many industries. Only about 15% of motor carriers are true trucking companies. The other 85% of companies regulated by the DOT are in industries such as construction, landscaping, distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, passenger transportation, oil field, etc.

We have helped companies in all these industries and more across the country over the past 15 years with great success in these companies overcoming DOT hardships, and in some cases achieving a higher return-on-investment in the process.

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Brands Impacted By Vogel

Ryder Commercial Leasing

Truck Leasing

Ace Hardware


The Hub Group (Logistics)

Logistics & Intermodal Trucking

ARB Inc. | Division of Primoris Service Corp


Mike Willoughby

Discovery Acquisition (DAS)

Oil & Gas

Tracey Gentile

CRC Global

Warehouse & Trucking

Robert Gadola

Corning Cable Systems


Jason Wilson

University of Colorado


Tom Christian

Pyramid Interiors

Building Supply

Johnny Aldy

Words From Our Clients:

Wesley Michael, Plant Supervisor

I attended training that Steve provided in preparation for a DOT audit. Steve was able to take a very complex and rather boring set of topics and not only make it enjoyable, but was able to provide insight that the attendees were able to take home and immediately use to improve their trucking operations. 

I was impressed with Steve's technical knowledge, as well as his ability to reach out to a broad spectrum of individuals and achieve results. Our DOT Audit went well, and this was largely in part to Steve's input and excellence in training that he brought to us.

I can easily recommend Steve Vogel as a trainer and consultant for any company that wants to see results in their DOT and safety compliance.


Matt Burgund, Executive | PMO Manager | Project Manager

Dr. Vogel is a man of impeccable character, expertise and wit. I have known and worked with Steve for many years and he has repeatedly provided the excellence only found in those who are true subject matter experts. Steve is a leader in the transportation safety arena as represented by his top tier clients, associates and those who recommend him. Steve works at an efficient pace and has the ability and desire to consistently learn new concepts and regulations that makes him a go-to resource for DOT compliance. I highly recommend Dr. Vogel for his safety skills and services. You'll find him a joy to work with and more than likely, he's going to save you a ton of money.


Scott Bradshaw, Transportation Division Manager

I have known Steve Vogel for 2 years through our relationship with Vogel Safety Services. We have contracted with him as an outside safety consultant with the intention of controlling our CSA scores. In that period of time we have been reduced to "Conditional" in all of the BASICs and in the Internet Truckstop rankings for fleets our size or comparable, we are #1.

Steve has an excellent program that has helped us weather a DOT Audit and come through it satisfactory. We use a file system template for records retention developed by Steve, he performs mock audits a couple times a year and this has truly taken our compliance to the next level.


Rod Marckese, Sales Associate

Steve has a very deep understanding of DOT Compliance and Fleet Safety. He is able to analyze complex issues and presents solutions that are practical and cost effective. Steve is very customer oriented and easy to work with. As one of the leading consultants in this space he has built a reputation for being thorough, insightful, and providing great value to his clients.


Barb G. Hatton

Steve was an excellent professional adviser at a time when we were building our DOT Compliance Department. He was instrumental in getting our ducks in a row! He was always available for advice and consultation. He was very professional and personable and we thank him.


Joseph Naponiello, Sr. Solutions Business Advisor

I have known and worked with Steve Vogel numerous times. He is the utmost in his industry being professional and knowledgeable while being a person with integrity, honesty and always watching out for his customers' best interests with various solutions, plans and packages. I still work with Steve and I would highly recommend him to any business needing his expertise and services.

Additional references: