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Mock DOT Audits, Safety Audits, Compliance Reviews

DOT AuditMock DOT Audits, Safety Audits, & Compliance Reviews       720-788-2016

You can find out where you stand with the DOT by simply having us conduct a Mock DOT Audit on your behalf, before the real DOT comes do do their audit.

Conducting Mock DOT Audits & Compliance Reviews is one of our most valuable services we've provided throughout the years. It enables your management team to recognize problem areas relative to safety violations within your operation. Once these issues are determined, our DOT Safety consultant can begin assisting your company in coming into compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).

This may be the best place to start, to find out exactly where you stand with the DOT.

If you have received a new DOT# within the last 6-12 months, you will want to schedule this service as soon as possible, to make sure your level of compliance meets the requirements of the DOT/FMCSR. As a "New Entrant", you will be scheduled for the DOT to conduct the New Entrant Safety Audit within the first 18 months of receiving the new DOT#. This audit is a Pass or Fail, with a high percentage of New Entrants failing their first audit. If you fail, you lose your new DOT# and the authority to operate in interstate commerce, and possibly intrastate as well.

There are sixteen (16) separate items for which if any one of these fail the audit, the overall score will be a Fail. The industry refers to these items as "The 16 Deadly Sins".

Schedule your Mock DOT Audit today to avoid such a tragedy, and get started off on the right foot.