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DOT Workshops, DOT Seminars & Customized DOT Training

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Our DOT Workshops and Seminars Have Always Received Raving Reviews          720-788-2016

DOT Workshop in Chicago
DOT Workshop in Chicago

It seems that more companies are requesting on-site customized DOT training rather than sending 1 or 2 folks to a public workshop or seminar. For this reason, we have slowed down on the public courses to free us up to accommodate these requests.

We assess the company operations, determine the specific parts of regulations pertaining to their operation, and redesign the course to fit their need. Essentially, we remove information not relevant to your operation. The information below is still relevant, simply customized for you.

Compliance with safety regulations is not just a nice thing to have, it is mandatory. The DOT considers 100% compliance with these federal safety regulations as only the foundation of a sound transportation safety program. They want motor carriers to build on the foundation, and implement higher standards than the bare minimum requirements.

This 2-Day DOT workshop provides necessary training on key elements relative to fleet safety, DOT compliance, DOT audit preparation, etc. We do include recommendations on superseding these at some level. The training will include the following items at a minimum:

  • Short history and understanding of transportation safety, DOT and FMCSA
  • Key terms and definitions in the safety regulations (FMCSR)
  • Required use of DOT forms and registrations
  • Driver Qualification Files and driver hiring processes
  • CDL Requirements, including Medical Exams, documentation, and filing
  • Drug & Alcohol testing requirements and Driver Supervisor Training
  • Hours of Service regulations and Drivers' Logs, including ELD's and log exemptions
  • Vehicle maintenance, inspections, and repairs, including mandatory documentation and filing
  • Basic Hazardous Material requirements for transportation, including security plans, determining which employees are considered HazMat Employees, hazardous material training, refresher training, use of shipping papers, placards, etc.
  • Vehicle accidents, including accident registers, post-accident drug & alcohol testing, best practices, and more
  • Driver training requirements
  • Importance of DOT compliance
  • DOT audit selection process
  • DOT audit process
  • The DOT's safety score process, including the Safety Measurement System (SMS)
  • Safety Management Plans

The course text book is the latest version of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation book (FMCSR), for which every workshop participant will receive their own copy to highlight, tab, enter notes, etc. Each participant will also receive a hard copy of the PowerPoint slides in which to enter notes as needed. In addition, there will be several other pertinent hand-out materials provided to each student to bring back to their operation to further assist in obtaining DOT compliance, and begin developing a new safety culture to increase profits through safety.

We believe it is highly important to cover the regulations, but we do not stop there. We also discuss the interpretations to the regulations, industry standards, and industry best practices. And yes...we do tell stories from our 28 years experience in dealing with the DOT, state agencies, and motor carriers around the country, for which previous attendees have shared positive feedback on the use of these stories in providing a better understanding of what to expect of the DOT.

Our founder, Steve Vogel, is determined to continue being our lead course instructor for DOT Workshops, Seminars, and customized DOT Training. We believe that just because someone has knowledge of regulations, does not mean they will make a great course instructor. Our goal at Vogel Safety has always been, and will always be to provide an amazing and unforgettable learning experience at our events.

Dr. Vogel not only has 28 years experience in transportation safety, but also has over 30 years as a public speaker and educator, including the position of course instructor for the University of Central Missouri as a Graduate Assistant while working towards the Master of Science in Safety Management.

The DOT Workshop is a valuable 2-Day event in which the attendees learn everything they need to know about DOT compliance and audits. Our Seminar is a more customized event, in which we develop the training to meet the needs of the client, including the duration of the training, typically a 4-16 hours variance. DOT training can be provided by the topic desired.

Contact us for more information. or call: 770.776.8600, or local in Colorado 720-788-2016.


People love our DOT Workshops and Seminars, and have made comments such as:

  • "I loved how Steve was able to keep everyone's attention on what should have been a boring topic."
  • "The stories Steve told in the class were spot on, and really helped us understand the regulations better."
  • "Steve really understands not just the regulations, but does a great job of helping us understand the interpretations, and even industry standards that will impact our company."
  • "After this class, I know that I can go back to my office and begin getting our company into compliance."

DOT Workshop References

Wesley Michael, Plant Supervisor

I attended training that Steve provided in preparation for a DOT audit. Steve was able to take a very complex and rather boring set of topics and not only make it enjoyable, but was able to provide insight that the attendees were able to take home and immediately use to improve their trucking operations. 

I was impressed with Steve's technical knowledge, as well as his ability to reach out to a broad spectrum of individuals and achieve results. Our DOT Audit went well, and this was largely in part to Steve's input and excellence in training that he brought to us.

I can easily recommend Steve Vogel as a trainer and consultant for any company that wants to see results in their DOT and safety compliance.

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