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Thanksgiving: Deadliest Holiday On Roadway

The Thanksgiving holiday was the deadliest holiday on roads in 2017. Please...Arrive Alive!

Thansgiving Crash 2017
Photo via Pixabay

As I reflect back on the past 12 months, I can easily say that this year has been the hardest year of my life. With the loss of my 21-year old son, a career change, and family medical concerns, stress has nearly taken over what was otherwise a normal life. This being said, I do see light among the darkness, and have hope that we will begin to experience a new normal.

Although my recollection of this year was relatively horrible, when I allow myself to think deeply of all the various aspects of my life, the people in my life, the respect I get from others, the love shown to my family and myself, and the fact that everything seems to be on a scheduled plan from a higher being, I then realize that I still have a lot in which to be thankful…so I am.

Thanksgiving is a time that many of us come together to be with family and close friends, whether they live close by or across the nation, we want to spend time together, share stories, play games, watch football, and just enjoy each other’s presence…oh yeah…and eat.

With the importance of this holiday being the time we get to spend with those we love the most…It’s even more important to make sure we get there safely. It is a crying shame that Thanksgiving in 2017 was the deadliest holiday of the year. According to the National Safety Council, 433 people lost their life while driving down the road, with an additional 49,400 being seriously injured. The crashes that resulted in these deaths and injuries occurred between 6:00pm on Wednesday through 11:59pm on Sunday. With these facts in mind, please plan ahead to ensure you arrive alive and uninjured.

Here are some things to consider while traveling to be with your favorite people for Thanksgiving:

  • Remember…it’s more important to show up, then to be on time. So, do not get in a hurry.
  • Plan ahead. Leave early, so if there are traffic issues you may still be on time.
  • Stay far away from other vehicles that appear to have varied speeds without cause or swerving in and out of their lane. These folks may be impaired drivers.
  • Seat belts do save lives…make sure every person in the car wear theirs.
  • Maintain the proper speed for conditions.
  • Maintain proper space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Remain aware of those around you at all times.
  • Make sure you always have a way out…which can be done if you are not following too close or speeding.

Please think of these things, adopt them, and don’t become a statistic…one of the number of people who will die this week.

Think Safe…Be Safe! Have a great Thanksgiving!